Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Tate Turns One


I decided to document Tate’s extraordinary first birthday (ha ha).  It started with a diaper change



and a little play time before breakfast (banana cream pie yogurt and a 6 oz. bottle of whole milk (no formula!)).


We said good-bye to Jason as he went off to work, and we played some more.

IMG_3364 IMG_3368 Then I popped Tate into the car and we zoomed off to the grocery store, where Tate helped me shop.

IMG_3371 Back at home, Tate had his first taste of baby food meet—Vegetable Beef.  And he gobbled it up.


After eating, Tate and his full tummy headed for a nap.  But it didn’t last very long because his very loud siblings woke him up when they got home from school.  We were able to snap this photo:



And then get a couple shots of him playing, too:

IMG_3383 IMG_3388


When the kids ate their snacks, Tate showed them how much he enjoys food-pirating, and he convinced Casey to share his cheese:



That didn’t stop Tate from gobbling up his dinner—chicken noodle casserole like the rest of the family and some baby food, too.  He didn’t love the baby food.  But he enjoyed my cooking!  After dinner, we sang happy birthday over chocolate chip muffins, and then the kids (literally) tore through birthday presents.


Finally it was time for Tate’s bath:


Then we played for a while (you can tell Jason dressed him if you look closely), until he spit up all over my pants (I left that in there for a dose of realism).  Like I said, he didn’t really like the baby food (no casserole in there, if you must know). 


And Tate was fast asleep within minutes.  What a busy day!


:::d::: said...

Happy Birthday Tate! Sounds like a great day to me.

Janet and Kevin said...

Happy Birthday Tate - so glad you are home!

Our newest son Elijah's birthday is October 23, 2007. We just celebrated his first birthday home, too! October is a very good month for birthdays!

Janet, Kevin, Ted, Philip, and Elijah Bourke

Mrs. Castillo said...

Why do dads always have the mismatching gene? I know Kai's does!