Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Happy Birthday and Welcome Home, Tate!

I can hardly believe Tate is one. I mean, it’s not like a full year with him has passed, of course. But still. One. Wow. Tate is such a survivor.

In honor of his birthday, we had a Baby Open House this past weekend. Of course I got sick right before. And of course I realized after the fact all the people we should have invited but didn’t. But Tate won’t know the difference. What he will know is that we made him his own story poster (to explain to our visitors how Tate came to be part of our family).


And he’ll know that lots of people came by to wish him a happy birthday and to welcome him home. He’ll be told how he experienced his first bouncy house


and that had his his very own, homemade birthday cake.


He’ll know that lots of kids gathered around to sing him happy birthday.

IMG_3321 IMG_3327

And of course we’ll tell him how we thought he’d really like his specially prepared chocolate pumpkin cake at first, but quickly discovered that he didn’t really like all the attention it was bringing him.

IMG_3340 IMG_3351

Most of all, though, Tate will know—at least from the pictures—how so many people loved him from the moment they set eyes on him—us included.

Welcome home, little guy . . . we love you!

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:::d::: said...

Hee hee, those cake photos are great. Lola was the exact same way with the cake. Kids are so funny.