Monday, October 11, 2010

Gum in the Hair

When Marcie woke up this morning with a chunk of bubblegum in her hair- just above her shoulder, I gulped awfully hard. I couldn't get it out of all the hair-- and enough was entangled that I was worried she'd be getting a major haircut today.

Luckily, informed me that you can use oil to get the gum out.

And heck if it wasn't right! A couple handfuls of olive oil and 20 minutes later Marcie's hair was gum-free and her head was under the kitchen sink. We got it all washed mere moments before her morning ride to school rang the doorbell.

Thank goodness for the Internet!


Anonymous said...

do you comb the hair/gum with the olive oil in it? how do you pull the gum out?

alison from dallas

Keely said...

Wow. Good to know! And, glad it all came out!