Monday, September 25, 2006

A Scream-Free Morning

I don't want to spend a lot of time blogging, but I want to write about this before I forget. Casey had an exceptional morning this morning. He woke up Marcie (and me) at 6:24am. Then we went and played in the family room, where we have moved the train set his birth family so generously purchased him while we were visiting them in May. He has the plastic Thomas train track going around the beautiful wooden track. While he played, Marcie bounced away in her jumperoo.

When it was time to eat, he ate. When Marcie crawled around, Casey admittedly scrambled to snatch up his toys, and occasionally chattered, "No, Marcie. That's Casey's toy." But he didn't get in her facet and scream. And he didn't push. And he didn't hit or kick. The absence of any one of these would be progress, and he managed to eliminate them all!

When it was time to get dressed, Casey got dressed. When Casey was ready to go potty, he went on his own. And when it was time to brush his teeth and comb his hair, he brushed his teeth while I combed his hair (to look like Mr. Incredible, just like he likes). He played some more. Marcie played some more nearby. While I made Casey's lunch, Casey played with the dog-- gently. He hugged him, and wrapped his arm around Pugasus like they were old pals.

When it was time to go to occupational therapy, Casey climbed into the car without complaint. And when he got out of the car, he stayed right by Marcie's stroller instead of charging out into parking lot traffic. He even held on the stroller handle while we walked through the elementary school campus.

When I dropped off Casey at school after occupational therapy, he sat in the chair I pulled out for him and listened to his teacher reading. His friend Jacob kept trying to distract him, but I could tell Casey was honestly trying to listen. He kissed me good bye and told me he loved me. No clinginess. No tears.

I can't honestly remember the last time I spent 4 hours with Casey that I didn't even put him in time-out once . . . that makes today a banner day. . . I hope it lasts!

I DO have photos of Casey's new light-up fire truck shoes (size 10!-- and he was wearing size 8.5 in May!) and of Casey with the dog and of Marcie pulling herself up. So check back later for an update!

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danielle said...

As Emma says all the time now, "OH MY GOODNESS!" That's GREAT! I know how hard those kinds of days are to come by (now that Emma is 2 and dealing with her own sibling jealousy), so kudos to you!