Tuesday, September 19, 2006

The Mirror in the Car

So I have one of those mirrors that sits on the back seat so I can see rear-facing Marcie while I'm driving around town. I am super paranoid about her choking or passing out or something, so it gives me peace of mind. (Yes, I know my paranoia is ridiculous when I haven't given her anything to eat-- that's why it's paranoia; it's unfounded.)

Anyway, the mirror thing actually sits between Casey and Marcie, and every time I put Marcie in the car after driving the two of them, I find myself needing to readjust it. But now I know why-- you see, Casey is rather vain. When he is crying, he likes to watch himself in the mirror (even a TV set or a sliding glass window will do). He likes to watch himself dance, brush his teeth-- anything. He just likes watching himself (perhaps he will be a great actor some day after studying his expressions in the mirror). Well, apparently he is no different in the car. The other day I turned around to catch Casey making faces in the mirror, which he had turned to face him. I couldn't help but laugh. Sometimes he just cracks me up!


Julie said...

Karen that is so cute. I've seen at BabysRus a mirror that mounts on the back of the front seat so that "baby" can watch herself. Sounds like Casey might enjoy that.

Anonymous said...


I'm glad to see that you and Jason were able to reach a consensus on the stroller. We had thought that we would get this much needed item for you but in view of your indecision we decided to go another route. Love the pics of the kids. Casey looks soooooo happy!

Linda said...

Karen so happy you reached a decision on the stroller. Jim and I had discussed getting that item for you but after our fall visit we just couldn't make a choice either.