Friday, August 24, 2012

One week down

This week we returned to school.

We took our typical "back to school" and "on the way to school" photos.
It was fun to see familiar faces and feel the energy of the new school year.

Marcie has a teacher new to her grade, but she seems nice -- and I loved that she walked down the line of kids on the first day of school and introduced herself to everyone.

Casey gets to bring an iPad to school this year.  His teacher is pretty technology-forward-thinking, so we are interested to see (and learn) from him this year.

Tate slept at school for the first time this week.  Successfully.  Today he hugged a new friend good-bye.  Even though the school wasn't our first choice, it's actually looking like it's just what Tate needs-- lots of opportunity to play in the water, make new friends, play dress up and general explore life as a preschooler.

Jason started work this week, too.  So far, so good.

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