Sunday, August 19, 2012

Oh My.

So I just discovered that I have not posted on my beloved blog since February of this year. That's six months. Six months is a long time. Let me just say that I could share a million excuses. But the truth is that when you spend 12+ hours a day staring at a computer screen, researching, drafting, emailing-- whatever -- it is hard to come home at night and blog.

But here we are. It's August. And I have left big law. I admit, I am a little sad to see it go -- to say good-bye. In my short time at my last firm, I made some really great friends. I got to try all sorts of new things. I was given increasing levels of responsibility. And people seemed to like my work. I even managed some pretty successful actions and developed real client relationships. It's everything a girl could want in big law. And that was my problem.

Even the best of us with families - those of us who really, truly wanted to put our families first - were limited in our ability to do so.  Because to be part of a culture where client service comes first, that often means that work has to come before family.  Not if you have a family emergency.  And in my practice group, everyone was very supportive of my role as a mother in addition to being an attorney.  But, truth be told, money isn't everything.  And so, while I was well compensated, I felt like I was never present.  Even when I was home, it wasn't present.  I left super bowl games to work.  I worked on Mother's Day.  And Father's Day.  I missed school events and activities.  I skipped out on parts of Halloween trick-or-treating.  (Though, to the firm's credit, when I went on vacation I had a real, honest, no-contact-with-work vacation.)  Much of that was probably my "choice."  But when you are driven to do excellent work you have to push through.

So I left.  Jason took a job as a senior software engineer-- and my amazing husband was able to get a job that is treating him as if he basically has been working for these past two years in the industry.

I took a job at a local law school, where I am directing their Academic Success program and teaching courses as an adjunct professor. It is totally up my alley.  I'm only two weeks in, but I love it already.

And thought I actually think it will be more difficult in many ways to balance/juggle work and home-- before I could (and did) just check out from family life, it also means I will be more present.  And I am looking forward to that.

And to having time and energy (and things about which) to blog.

So I'm home.  I hope you will tune in to follow me again . . .

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adforsythe said...

Yea! Welcome back and congrats on the new gig! Good choice.