Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Good-bye Summer

Somewhere, somehow, amidst the various baseball, soccer and art camps, evenings at the park, outdoor dinners, and bike-riding, the summer got away from me. It was a luxurious summer for us. That did not mean we ignored academics. Or that we allowed the kids to spend their days drowning their brains in front of the television or playing video games.

Indeed, our big kids welcomed "Red" (Casey's pet bearded dragon), traveled to Florida, spend a couple days with their cousins, watched outdoor movies, swam, became proficient bike-riders, gained soccer self-confidence, and spent a good deal of their time alternating between fending off Tate and entertaining him.

But, alas, all things come to an end. And summer is no different. Tomorrow the kids go back to school. Their bags are packed. Their school lunches are contemplated. They are anxious to meet their new teachers and new classmates, and excited to see old friends.

And now, the promise of a bright, activity-filled, rigorous, engaging school year lies ahead.

Casey reminded me that I have to take pictures tomorrow morning- because I always take pictures on the first day of school. What a smarty.

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