Sunday, July 31, 2011

12 Years

Today is our 12th Anniversary.

I wish I had something really thought-provoking or sentimental or romantic to write about it. I don’t.

Someone I know recently lost her husband to a brief battle with an illness, which he was unable to overcome. I don’t know how long they were married, but I know it was more than 12 years. When I attended the memorial on Saturday, it was a reminder of the strength one person can draw from another—even in death.

I know I draw the same kind of strength from Jason. Goodness knows we don’t always agree on things, but our marriage- our relationship- is strong enough that it allows us to be individuals with independent feelings without it demeaning our sense of togetherness. In fact, I think it probably strengthens our union.

This morning we woke up at a hotel on the ocean. The sun was shining. We could hear waves and smell the ocean’s salty air. We lingered as we walked the coast back to the hotel after a brief morning walk. It was reminiscent of twelve years and one day ago- the day after our wedding.

Instead of our extended family greeting us for a celebratory brunch this time, though, we were welcomed home by squealing children—who had a fantastic night with a sitter, but were so happy to see us.

I know how very lucky I am.


:::d::: said...

Happy Anniversary to you and Jason. I'm glad you were able to take time and just be together (without the kiddos). And you're right -- a certain level of independence really does strengthen a marriage. May your twelve turn into twenty!

Alison said...

many congratulations! 12 years is such a long's to many more.