Thursday, November 26, 2009

A Few Things I Am Thankful For . . .

  • The freedom to choose when it comes to just about everything;
  • A warm roof over my head;
  • Plenty of food to fill my belly;
  • A soft pillow and plenty of sheets and blankets to snuggle into at night;
  • The love of a good man;
  • The sound of laughter and bickering filling my car and home;
  • Good-night routines;
  • The company of a good book;
  • The option of watching television on TV or online;
  • Cuddles and hugs and small arms wrapped around me even when I don't ask the kids;
  • Fresh water to quench my thirst;
  • The health of family and loved ones;
  • Medical and dental insurance to help keep us healthy;
  • An engaging job and interesting people with whom to work.

I am truly, truly blessed.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

i am with you!!! happy thanksgiving. alison frm dallas