Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Headaches and Tummyaches and Earaches, Oh My

Casey came down with a fever last Tuesday. Eight days ago. It was really just at night. Wednesday morning, no fever. But by Wednesday night, 102.4 (or something).
Then Thursday, I stayed home with him. He was listless. His tummy hurt. His head hurt.

Lucky for me, Casey is super easy when he's sick. He just wants to lounge around and watch movies and play video games. Come to think of it, that's what he's like healthy, too. Regardless, it makes working from home very easy.

But Thursday night he wasn't better.
And Friday morning, another fever.

Off to the doctor, we went. She assured me it was not the flu. His ears were clear. Lots of rest. Lots of fluids. I was doing the right thing. Back-up care sent a nurse to stay with him Friday.

Saturday, Casey stayed home while his sister went swimming. And he lounged. He didn't really have a fever Saturday-- around 100 (which is so. . . hard to determine when you have a kid who runs warm).

Sunday morning, he seemed like a new kid. Off to the zoo we went.

But by Sunday night, he had a slight fever again. Into a tepid shower. Tylenol. And off to bed.

No fever on Monday- and he said he wanted to go to school. By early afternoon, he was exhausted. Monday night, another low grade fever.

Today, we returned him to the doctor. He looks like he's lost 5% of his body weight. Actually, I'm sure he has-- that would only be like 2 1/2 pounds.

Anyway, long story short-- ear infection. Lungs are not totally clear.
At least the doctor was a little apologetic (how did she miss this on Friday?).

Lucky for me, my parents are in town this week and offered (!) to keep Casey home with them. So home he'll stay again tomorrow. But I hope he's better by Friday. His camp is going to the circus.

Poor guy. I hate to see him so tired. And he can't hear out of his left ear at all.

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