Sunday, November 16, 2008

Marcie's birthday

I will post more in a bit, but I wanted to get these pictures up because I know my mom and sister will check.

At Red Robin:

Despite the fact that Marcie picked the restaurant and asked us to have them sing her happy birthday, the moment they finished, she began wailing. I think all the clapping and shouting frightened her.

My first (and failed) attempt at making Hello Kitty cupcakes:

My second attempt at Hello Kitty cupcakes (much better). I made the faces out of fondant.

At the gymnastics part of the Y party:

The party room:

Marcie's big girls booster seat (a present from Mommy and Daddy):

Look at all the nice gifts Marcie got from her friends:


Mary-Allegra said...

Those cupcakes are ALMOST as cute as Marcie! Great job!! Wow!

Megan said...

good lord--that is ALOT of gifts! (and of course i was going to check for the pics)...yeah fondant looks better- but i bet it wasn't as funny to make:) why is she crying at red robin? the y looked like fun!!!

:::delinda::: said...

I am SO impressed with your cupcakes!! They look awesome. I love the photo of J lifting Marcie up. It's adorable.

It's Daddies. Plural. said...

Loved the Red Robin's photos. How adorable is that!
I give you BIG kudos for those Hello Kitty cupcakes - both batches!!!