Sunday, November 30, 2008

Did Santa Come?

We unpacked our Christmas decorations yesterday. We put up our Christmas tree while the kids were napping. When they woke up, they hung window-gels. We set out the nativity set and pulled out Casey's fisher-price nativity set. I laid out the stockings on the front table.

I showed Casey on the calendar when Christmas is coming. We counted the days together.

Then Casey went to bed.

This morning, he excitedly shook me awake: Mommy, did Santa come last night?

Me: No, Casey. Santa only comes on Christmas. Remember?

Casey: But Mommy, we have the Christmas tree, there are socks to fill-- remember how he did it last year?

Me: Yes, Casey, but we have to prepare. Remember Santa comes on Jesus' birthday. And it's not Jesus' birthday yet. And we didn't leave Santa cookies. And we didn't put out a carrot for his reindeer. I'm pretty sure Santa didn't come.

Casey: We have to go look, Mommy. Come wiiiiiiith me.

So we head down the hallway toward the front hall. Where Casey pulls out one of the stockings and digs his little arm in, all the way down to the bottom of the stocking. No "stuff." And he starts crying. With real tears.

We walked back over to the calendar and counted the days again.

I know, I should get him an advent calendar. And we will. But really, who could see this coming?


Keely said...

Our trip to see Santa was awful once again. However, this time, Kate managed to ask Santa for what she wanted for Christmas. The only problem was, she became hysterical when we left Santa WITHOUT her gifts! She definitely doesn't get it. Granted, she's only 1/2 Casey's age but's going to be a long 23 days.

It's Daddies. Plural. said...

That is the most adorable thing ever! These are the moments that you will remember forever... which, they'll resent you for :o)