Sunday, May 04, 2008

The Wait

Casey has been talking a lot about his "baby brother." He doesn't have a baby brother. Or sister. Just yet. The wait passed the six month mark in April, and I didn't even notice, really. When we were waiting for Marcie, the six-month mark was supposed to be magical-- it was how long families before us had been waiting. And yet, this six-month mark is just the first of many, many six-month intervals. It seems like every time we turn around, we hear a new estimate of the wait-- and it's always longer than the previous one. We're still thinking B.S. #3 is another 3 1/2 years away. And we explain this to the kids by telling them that we just have to wait our turn, like we did with them. And when Casey asks why we can't just put a baby in my tummy, I just smile, tell him that would be nice, but our baby is coming from another mommy's tummy-- just like he and Marcie did. And he says "ok," and moves on to another topic. Oh to be young. Six months is an eternity to a two year old or a five year old. Fortunately, they have no sense of time-- because we've promised them they can go on a big airplane with us to China the next time we go. But they don't really understand just how far into the future that might be. And while I do not feel the same sense of urgency waiting for B.S. #3 that I did waiting for Marcie, it's always there, nagging at me. Reminding me that our family isn't quite complete, as full and wonderful as our lives are now. Somewhere on the other side of the world a child will be born. Our child. And while I feel a calm sense of patience for now, I know that feeling won't last.


Anonymous said...

Nice to see you blogging again as I always enjoy reading about your family! However, I can easily imagine that you don't have alot of leftover energy after work and settling the kids in bed.

I am going to go look for the book as my 3yr old grandaughter (Abby from China) recently gave herself a haircut under the supervision of 4 1/2 yr old brother, Carter. She had to be taken to have her hair "fixed" and the almost 2ys growth since she came home from China had to go. She is still adorable but we do miss her pony tails. Hopefully your kids don't get any ideas from the book. I suggest hiding the scissors!

Have a great day. Rowena

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