Sunday, February 03, 2008

Flower Delivery

On Monday I went home from work sick. I'd planned to go right to sleep, but I decided some nourishment was in order, and I ate a can of chicken noodle soup. About 15 minutes after I'd finished, when I was still lounging uncomfortably on the couch, Jason walked in the door. With take-out from Souplantation. My favorite chicken noodle soup. Mmm. Of course I ate more soup. What a thoughtful man. It sure is nice to have a spouse who works close (in proximity) to our home so he can surprise me with such treats.

He confided that he was bummed I'd left work early because he'd actually had flowers delivered to me. Not ten minutes later I got an e-mail on my Blackberry that a package was waiting for me at the front desk. I had to wait to see them until Tuesday, but I enjoyed them for the rest of the week. I've never gotten a flower delivery before. They're beautiful:


Amanda said...

So sweet!

Albert said...

Such a nice surprise !!!