Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Ah, Stereotypes

Is this funny? I know, sad I have to ask. I kind of think it's funny. But then I remember that shirt adoption is the new black, and I know people who were amused by it, but I didn't think it was amusing at. all. Perhaps I don't have a sense of humor about the right things.

Anyway, I got an e-mail from one of my sisters in law, who happens to be Asian (as in, from the continent of Asia-- it's an intentionally ambiguous ethnic descripter). I think it's hil-ar-i-ous. Jason thought it was funny. And so I'm going to share. . . I was wondering if Marcie would think it was funny, too, because she is Chinese. But then I realized that her interaction with stereotypical Asian families will really be kind of limited to other families because, well, I'm not Asian, and the majority of her extended family isn't either. Then again, I'm not Asian, and I think it's amusing.

Ok, enough of a build-up. Here goes:
Top Ten Reasons Why There Won't Be an Asian President Any Time Soon:

10. White House not big enough for in-laws
9. Engineering, medicine, and law always preferred over politics
8. Oval Office has bad feng shui
7. Can't find decent roast duck inside the beltway
6. Secret service can't handle nagging from mother
5. Dignitaries generally intmidated by chopsticks at state dinners
4. No chance for promotion
3. Lactose intolerance not considered politically correct
2. Senior aides won't take off shoes before coming in
1. Air Force One: No frequent flyer miles

And while we're on the topic of stereotyping, Jason added a number 11 to the list:

11. Job does not require math

Yeah. Even typing it in, I still think it's funny and not offensive. What do you think?


Johnny said...


How about:

12) Having your MIL asking dignitaries at state dinners, "How much you pay for that watch? I can get it cheaper!"

Keely said...

Karen, this isn't about this entry but it's about your FNLs banner you added to you blog! I didn't think you'd do it but I'm stoked you did. Thanks! If they take that show off the air, I'm going to be SUPER bummed.

Save Friday Night Lights!!!