Sunday, October 14, 2007

The Weekend in Review

Ok, so I cheated a little. The first two photos are of Casey and Marcie on their respective school field trips to the pumpkin patch last week. Fortunately, Other Grandma (my mom) was in town to take Marcie.

The rest of the photos highlight the weekend. The third photo cut off Geoff's head, unfortunately, but those are "the boys" in Vegas, and the next picture (row two, far left) is of "the girls." Both were taken at the Four Seasons, which has the most amazing breakfast buffet, complete with a donut guy who made me two donuts to order while I watched (and directed). I felt slightly entitled because I'd actually gotten up by 8:30am and gone running on the spa treadmill. It was a pricey run ($27 just for day access!), making me think I should have just scheduled a treatment and gotten the access for free! Once again, though, I digress.

The next series of photos are Casey and his cousin Joey at the annual Fire Station Open House. It was rainy (which San Diego really needed, so no complaints from me-- particularly given that I was out of town). Then, the bottom row, middle, is of me and my dad. The last time I took a photo with him, I was sticking my tongue out and he was looking on disgustedly. It was his idea of a practical joke on me, and if I had more time, I'd link to the original post with that picture, but I'm too lazy to search the archives, so you'll just have to trust my description of things. Anyway, while my mom was here in So. Cal., Dad was able to schedule an overnight in Vegas. So he joined the gang for dinner at Michael Mena's Strip Steak, the new restaurant at Mandalay Bay. Dad was good, too-- he had salmon, not steak. It was fun to catch up with him; it always is.

And the last photo is one Casey took tonight at dinner. After we returned home, we headed over to the Halloween Super Store to help Casey pick out a witch costume. He has his heart set on it-- just like in the Charlie Brown show. And although he initially told us he wanted a green face, once he saw what that meant (make-up), he changed his mind. But he loves the hat he picked out. We still haven't decided on anything for Marcie just yet. And neither has she. Anyway, the store was right next door to Casey's favorite restaurant, and after our last debacle there (where Jason ended up with cold food, my burger was missing half the bun, the server literally threw a cup of apple juice at us, and we were seated in a bustling mall alleyway), this was a much better experience. Really, it was like eating at a completely different restaurant! Casey's getting pretty good at snapping photos, and even though he cut off Jason's head a bit, I love the picture of Marcie with her dad.

One last thing-- my mom did manage to make pumpkin pie from scratch. Two of them. Jason says it's delicious (I haven't tasted it yet). Casey, who was the one all gung-ho about doing it, took one, gigantic bite, then practically gagged and spit the pumpkin pie out. It was fun to help make it, but he won't be partaking in pumpkin pie again any time soon (wish I had a photo of his expression!). . .

Alas, it is Sunday night, and I'll be off to bed soon. When I was in law school, I never went to bed before 11pm or midnight. Now I'm lucky to make it to 10pm. And I'm at least a week behind in television! Geesh!

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:::delinda::: said...

oooohhhh fresh donuts, homemade pie...! K, your blog is making me crave sweets. It sounds like the whole family had a wonderful weekend, even if spent in two separate states. The pumpkin photos are super cute too. The annual pumpkin patch trip should be coming up soon, right? I always love those pics!