Sunday, September 02, 2012

Fire Station Visit!

A few years ago, when Marcie was just a little thing- not even walking yet, we visited Uncle Bobby at the fire station.  Now that Tate is active, he is obsessed with what Uncle Bobby does.  At night, he asks where Uncle Bobby is and if Uncle Bobby is sleeping and then asks again, specifically, if Uncle Bobby is at the fire station.

The last time we were visiting with Uncle Bobby, Tate brazenly asked when he could visit Uncle Bobby at the fire station.  And this weekend, Uncle Bobby was able to accommodate us. 

We all had a blast-- we met up with Uncle Bobby's wife, Aunt Tiffany (Jason's sister) and their two boys.  One of their boys and Tate just absolutely love each other and play, usually, pretty well.  So the gang of us headed to the fire station:

 Tate and then Casey got to try on the uniforms.  We were amazed at how heavy they are-- and how hot it must be to wear them, even for work other than fires.

A few years ago, Casey took a similar picture when we visited Uncle Bobby.  It's pretty amazing how quickly they grow up!

The kids all got to try out the water hose (not at full force, of course).  The little ones thought this was hilarious and stomped through the puddles after we sprayed.

We also got to climb on the ladder truck and see what it was like inside.  The first picture is of Marcie and Casey talking to the rear driver of the ladder truck.  Jason looks a little nervous.
Tate's cousin Kai and Tate enjoyed visiting the back of the ladder truck, too.  Below are Kai and Tate posing, and then you can see Tate "driving" the ladder truck with his uncle.

Marcie did not climb as much, but she still had fun hanging out with one of her favorite aunts (who am I kidding?  Marcie adores all her aunts!). 
And this picture is my favorite of them all-- we are so lucky that Uncle Bobby invited us to visit him-- what a special day!

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