Saturday, April 16, 2011

Oh, Happy Adoption Day!

There's a book and a song called Happy Adoption Day, and I always think of it on our re-adoption days. We don't celebrate those days as a family, but I usually remember them around the right date, and it makes me think of the song. Well, yesterday was Tate's (re)adoption day. Of course I couldn't find our camera, but Jason's dad joined us and I did have my phone, so here we are at the end of the ceremony: Tate was a good sport. He high-fived Judge Gallagher. He drum-rolled on the table at the appropriate times. It was pretty amusing. During the picture, he kept turning to the judge and banging on his robe. (Thankfully the judge was very good-natured about it!) And the judge was super kind to Casey and Marcie-- confirming with each of them that they were prepared to help take care of their new brother. I think it was neat for them to experience what they had gone through (but have no memory of), too. There were lots of families there for adoptions-- and we were by far one of the very smallest groups. Many families had lots and lots of extended family. One family there was adopting a step-child adoption for 19-year-old-- and they were all so happy and excited. It reminded me that you're never too old to find a family to call your own. . . After the ceremony, we went to eat (I had not eaten yet). Here we are at Island's celebrating Tate's official California adoption:

After we ate, I went on to do some work while Casey (and the others) went to lacrosse practice. Then, because we'd eaten such an early "dinner," we decided to treat ourselves to Cold Stone for ice cream dinner around 6:30 or 7:00pm.

The afternoon was quite a treat for the whole family.

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