Thursday, March 24, 2011


The kids' elementary school is raising money for the disaster relief efforts in Japan. It was instigated by some of the kids at the school (through their "Big Idea" program). There are places for the kids to donate money all over the place.

We (Jason and I) have opted to donate through my employer because my employer very generously will match employee contributions. But I thought it might be nice if Casey and Marcie donated some of their money to the efforts at their school. I have never really asked them to use their money for anything. They mostly get money by finding it around the house. Sometimes when they get money as a gift, it goes into their stash instead of the college account or through us. Casey has kind of a lot of money. Marcie has less.

On the way home from school today, I invited Casey to share his money with the kids in Japan who lost their houses and their stuff, who need food and clothes and a place to live.

"No thanks, Mom," he said. "I think I'll just save my money."

While normally I'd applaud this thinking, I pushed. "Are you sure, Casey? I mean those kids in Japan sure could use the help-- you could just give a little."

"No. I think I'll just save it up for video games and toys and stuff."

I tried a different tact: "Maybe you could just think about it. Dad and I are donating money, and I thought it would be good if you could, too. Just think about it."

Maybe thirty seconds passed, and I heard from the backseat: "I thought about it, Mom. And I think I'll just save my money."

Of course, I haven't given up . . .

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Grandpa Jim said...

I can try another tactic. I'll donate $$ in Casey's and Marcie and Tate's names. Hey If I give you the money and you donate it through your company, then they would match that too?