Sunday, September 05, 2010


Yesterday we met up in the park with some neighbors/friends to play when it cooled off.

Marcie was sitting on top of the metal gate that surrounds the sandbox, her feet wrapped through the bars of the gate. I think she may have called out my name- though I don't' remember it- and the next thing I knew, she was falling face forward onto the concrete. Nothing broke her fall. Except her face, I guess.

Fortunately, we were with three other families, who herded the other kids away from the scene and handed me a cloth to use. Marcie's crying wasn't even loud enough to alert Jason to her distress, and one of the parents went to get him. The other families told us they'd watch Casey and off we drove (thank goodness we drove to the park instead of walked!). When Marcie fell, her front two teeth were shoved up into her gum line, and she cut her lip (and scratched up her chin). There was a lot of blood. And after a while, her teeth actually came back down, out of the gum line (and we discovered that one is cracked the length of the tooth, down the middle).

On the way, we called my sister-in-law, whose cousin in our kids' dentist-- and she gave us Dr. Hope Ann's personal phone number. And thankfully Hope Ann answered and was not irritated we called. And was very helpful. And even offered to see Marcie on Monday- even though it's Labor Day.

The bleeding eventually stopped, and her fat lip makes her very difficult to understand. But she was never threw up, didn't bite all the way through the lip (so won't need plastic surgery), and her chin injury is just some abrasions. She was feeling better enough a couple hours after it happened to join the other families in a dinner feast with a gaggle of kids (and I even had to keep telling her to stop running in her flip flops!) Of course, we won't have an official prognosis until we see the dentist, but I am nonetheless feeling pretty lucky that the damage was not worse- and that we were with people who were super helpful and understanding.


:::d::: said...

Oh wow, I would have been terrified. Poor Marcie. I hope the prognosis isn't too bad. It's nice to hear that she was in good spirits later. Kids are so dang resilient.

Anonymous said...

Oh my...what an event to have in your week! We are excited to meet you all in China. Your kids look like grand play mates for our kids!
Shannon, Jim, Emma (9), and Joshua (7) Campbell
in Arvada, CO

Anonymous said...

Don't sweat it too much. Neighbor girl did the same thing 3 years ago - brother knocked her down and face hit the baseboard. Oddly enough she was adopted from China as - better living through cosmetic dentistry! I always say.