Sunday, December 06, 2009

Explaining God

Casey has a long-standing tradition of playing with the family nativity set. Even though he has his own nativity set for kids (made by Fisher Price). He's gotten a little better about it with time, but not much.

This year, he and Marcie helped set up the nativity scene on the front table. Then we took out Casey's nativity scene and he arranged it right next to the grown up one. We talked about why we leave the Baby Jesus up until Christmas morning, when we place him in the manger in the scene to represent His birth. And then the kids went to bed.

The next morning, I heard Casey yell across the house: "Mom, I found God!"
When I got to the nativity scenes, Casey was holding up to statues of Joseph. He had taken the one from the family set and was comparing it to the Joseph from his Fisher Price set. Proudly, he explained to me that we had God in our family set and he had God in his set, too.

"That's not God, Casey," I said. "That's Joseph. That was Mary's husband."

"No," Casey replied. "Jesus is the Son of God. God is Jesus' father. So this has to be God."
"You're right, Casey," I said. "God is Jesus' father. But this is Joseph."
"Then where is God?" Casey asked, exasperated.

Marcie, who'd been standing by and observing our conversation, responded: "God is everywhere, Casey!"


:::d::: said...

LOL. I love your children.

Danielle said...

smart kid!