Tuesday, September 15, 2009

They Really Can Swim

Our summer swim experiment was a success, by the way.

Casey, who'd worked his way through five previous swim program/schools and was terrified of any water over 3 feet deep can now swim. In 8-foot-deep water. By himself. After jumping in the pool. Even if no adults are in the pool with him.

Marcie still needs a grown up in the water, but she, too, loves jumping in, and can swim pretty far without even taking a breath.

I admit it. We're impressed. With the kids, too-- but especially with their swim teacher.


Sue at nobaddays said...

Congrats, Karen! That's huge. We've started Tau late -- he's just doing his first set of lessons now. He's loving it and aaaalmost there but I think we're going to need to start all over again next summer!

:::d::: said...

Oh that is such awesome news!