Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Family Photos

We jaunted off to San Francisco this past weekend for a wedding and to visit with my older brother and my sister. My brother and his family opened their home to us, which was fantastic. My brother even sent me back to bed both mornings so I could sleep in while he watched the kids. Did I mention it was fantastic?

I have more pictures to show, more stories to tell, but for now, here are a couple recent family photos.

Us on a cable car. Can you tell Casey is tired? Did I mention how cold it was?

Our five year old nephew/cousin Vince captured us in this photo. Even though you can tell Marcie's being a bit temperamental, you can still see the smile. Aren't we cute?

1 comment:

Mary-Allegra said...

Yes, you are a cute couple of couples! :) You and Jason look so happy and normal. Better than high school sweethearts...lifelong sweethearts! :)