Tuesday, April 08, 2008


Last week we endured a Wiggles concert. Actually, it wasn't that bad. Casey and Marcie said they had a good time. And Casey has been watching the Wiggles with a new sense of interest ever since. They played all our favorites. We had amazing seats thanks to our friend Keely who sat on the computer clicking the buttons until she got the ones we wanted.

Here are a couple snap shots:

Casey shouting "WAKE UP, JEFF!" Jeff woke up. Casey was pleased.

This was Marcie's expression during a lot of the show-- you couldn't tell if she was scared out of her mind or just surprised. I'm not sure she knew. As a side note, the school sent her home in underwear that day, and we didn't realize it until we were in our seats. She did a fantastic job staying dry, even though it meant me trekking her up the steep, steep stairs twice to go to the bathroom. I had to carry her part of the way, and boy did I get a work out.

There were these two young women at the concert, on the floor, who caught our attention. They appeared to be at the concert without children. Let me repeat that. Without children. None of their own. No younger siblings. No one they were babysitting. They were actual Wiggles groupies. And the weirder thing? They didn't stick around after the concert to try and hook up with any of the Wiggles. Jason walked near them back to the car, and overheard their conversation about the newest Wiggle, Sam (who replaced Greg at the concert). Weird.

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Danielle said...

I'm a total Anthony groupie.
Can't help it. He's adorable. But when the Wiggles came to Charleston some time back, Doug got to take Emma since I was still nursing Nicky. So, unless I want to be one of those women, I missed my one and only chance to see Anthony. Damn!