Wednesday, March 19, 2008

A Little of This, A Little of That

A few of you have written to me to inquire as to my well-being. Thank you. It's so thoughtful! I am, indeed, alive and kickin'. I don't really have any great excuse for my lack of blogging. A few weeks ago, Jason's computer bit the dust. "Not to worry," I told him. "You can just switch over mine and use it. I can do work on my work laptop."

So that's what he did. And all was right with the world. For about a week. Then one afternoon in the study, there was a POP and the smell of an electric fire. My computer had crashed, too. Jason figured out the problem and resolved it. But I'm still without a home-computer. And I feel weird about using my work computer to blog. Even though I'm not on the work system. I'll be getting my personal laptop back soon. But I'm sure I'll come with another excuse for not blogging.

In the meantime, life's just been plodding along. We sure do manage to keep ourselves busy. We're in the midst of a yard re-landscaping. Sort of. Jason has managed to dig up the weeds from the side yard and the back yard and lay down plastic to make sure everything dies before we dig it all out so we can put in the new stuff.

This means I get to do the really fun stuff with the kids while Jason's out working in the yard. For instance, last weekend after music class I took Marcie to this fancy third birthday party for a little girl in her class. Then, right after I walked in the door, Jason put Marcie down for a nap, and I walked right out the door with Casey. We went to see Horton Hears a Who, during which I fell asleep. I know this because at one point, Casey asked me if I was okay. At least he didn't wander off in the theater while I cat-napped.

On Sunday, we went for a walk to our local Original Pancake House, where Casey proceeded to practically inhale five pancakes. I can't even eat that many pancakes!

Also going on is our toilet training experiment with Marcie. And I think experiment is really the right word for it. Marcie has been trying. But I'm not sure that's good enough. There's really no trying-- there is or there isn't. At least when it comes to toilet training. I mean, she's either going in her pants or she's going in the toilet. There's really no in-between there. And when she's having a good day, she's having a very good day. Like the day we went to the zoo. No accidents. Not even in the car. Not even though she fell asleep on the way home. But if I don't force her to sit on the toilet every hour, well, it can be disastrous. And the thing is, the poor girl tries to clean up after herself! This morning, for instance, after she pooped in her little potty, she tried to pour it into the toilet, but it got on her hands and arms, then she stepped in some. Then she walked all over the house. Anyway, I think you get the idea.

So that's where things are. nothing spectacular. Just another couple regular ole weeks.

But Easter is coming. And the rumor is the Easter Bunny is visiting the kids at our house and at Grandma and Grandpa's house. Talk about spoiled. I'll post pictures. I promise.

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