Wednesday, January 30, 2008


I have a horrendous cold. Too tired to write. Too tired to do anything but sleep and work. Sometimes too tired to eat.

But I'm alive, and it's been too long since I posted. So here's this week's update. Casey can actually write his own name. The "S" is tricky. We have to do a "C" with a tail to the left to get it. But he does. For the first time, he signed all his own birthday thank-you cards with his name. By. Himself.

I will take a photo of his new John Hancock soon. I promise.


:::delinda::: said...

That is awesome. I can't wait to see his sig! Sorry to hear that you aren't feeling well...the cold season is certainly taking its toll on everyone..!

R... said...

Hope you feel better soon!! It's been a tough winter for colds. So exciting to hear the big news about Casey's achievement!