Monday, May 09, 2011

Mother's Day

Casey woke us up around 6:20 to ask if he could play video games. I still don't understand why he can wake up at 6:20 on a Sunday but never on a school day.

Marcie woke us up less than 30 minutes later because she wanted to watch TV in our bedroom. She cried when I said no. I felt bad and finally told Casey he needed to turn off the wii and find something to watch with Marcie.

Tate woke up a little after 7:00am. I think. Jason got up with him.

We had egg muffin sandwiches and orange juice and donuts for breakfast. Jason cooked.
We called the grandmas using iphone facetime so we could see them as we chatted. Tate kept reaching for the "end" button while we talked. He managed to hang up on Jason's mom at least once.

We ended up at Boomer's for the afternoon because the kids whined that they did not want to go to the Flower Fields, which was my suggestion. We played miniature golf. Casey kept hitting his ball in the water. Tate did not want to stand still. We tried playing Dance, Dance Revolution- but the "extreme" version was a little too extreme for me and Marcie. Casey was determined to win 8,500 tickets and kept wondering off looking for ways to win them. I got distracted following him visually and the air hockey puck smashed one of my fingers. When Casey didn't get 8,500 tickets, he pouted and cried a bit- even though I told him he had enough money saved to buy the electro-plasma lava lamp valued at 8,500 tickets, which he was coveting.

At Spaghetti Factory, Tate threw a huge screeching fit because he wanted my soda. We didn't give in. Lucky for us, it's a loud place to eat, so no one noticed. Marcie lost the peace ring she won with her 50 tickets at Boomer's and she cried when she realized it.

Tate never napped, so he was super cranky. Marcie pouted when I only read her one book. Casey was banished from the TV this evening. (Lucky for him his sister loves him so much- she played board games patiently with him for around 3 hours in the kitchen.)

I did four loads of laundry.

Just another day in mommy paradise.

Thursday, May 05, 2011

Some pictures

My Army of Three:

I can hardly believe I caught this action shot of Casey jumping off the ledge into the pool!

Aren't her new glasses just perfect for her? She looks 10 instead of 5 now!

He is never this still!